Nee Stijn, nog niks gehoord van Steve.

Stephen Colbert: “Do you think you’re gonna go see this movie?”
All: “Oh fuck yeah.”
SC: “What you heard about the new movie?”
Frat Boy #3: “Jessica Simpson is in it.”
Frat Boy #1: “I think she’s hot.”
Frat Boy #2: “She’s fucking smoking.”
Frat Boy #3: “She has an amazing ass, she has huge natural tits.
SC: “Do you think she’s a natural blonde?”
Frat Boy #3: “I don’t give a shit if she’s blonde, black, blue, brown, redheaded, greenheaded, she can have a shaved head and I would still bounce that ass.”
SC: “I’m afraid you’re gonna have to clean that up just a little bit.”
Frat Boy #3: “Honest to god, she can have the entire fucking spectrum on her head and I would still bounce that ass.”

The Daily Show rocks my manboobs.

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